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Jul 28

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Anonymous said: I'm sorry to bother you but is Wonder Woman a god or just blessed by the gods? I have two different people telling me opposite things, but both seem to find articles that back their theory up.

New 52 she is a god, the god of war. She is the daughter of King of the gods Zeus and Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons. The role of god of war passed to her upon the death of Ares.

However how permanent this is, and indeed how can a god die, is open to question.

Previously the origin was that she was magically brought to life from clay, she even as a little girl had god like abilities - honed by Amazon training, but expressly blessed by gods, came later. Most notably in 1987’s reboot. However the Amazon’s themselves have always been immortal beings.

It therefore becomes a game of semantics. What constitutes a god?

Mythology is full of demi-gods, and also people, and demi-gods being elevated to godhood. I think a fair case can be made that Amazons have always possessed divine qualities.

Anonymous said: So tell me what do you think of the new movie " Batman VS "Superman"" do the characters fit the role of the actors or is it supposed to be dark and gloomy answer my question please. Because personal this movie will NOT hit the roof

Box Office is a tricky business, this year is down on expectations I believe.

It used to be the rule of thumb that sequels did less well, that’s now turned on it’s head, with sequels earning more than the original movies, especially in the comic book genre.

Man of Steel was solid, but not stellar. However as a foundational movie for a bigger franchise that’s enough.

What we do know is a lot has changed at WB since Man of Steel. The new CEO Kevin Tsujihara as of March last year has lit a fire under the DC properties. DC’s Diane Nelson reports, for the first time, directly to the CEO.

One man’s dark and gloomy is another man’s gritty and realistic.

While the first promo images aren’t comic book primary colour vibrant, it would be foolish to even begin to judge the new film on the basis of these.

We know Supeman’s revised costume is brighter than MOS - it’s clear that Wonder Woman’s image was filtered muting the colours, and Batman is actually in comic book grey for the first time on film since Adam West. How they look in the finished film is far from settled.

As far as the actors chosen for the roles, we can’t judge Oscar winning Actor Ben Affleck or relative unknown Gal Gadot until we see them in action, and even then a bad script/concept can’t be rescued by a good actor, remember George Clooney in Batman and Robin?

The script however for Batman v Superman is been credited to Chris Terrio oscar winning writer of Argo, it’s been suggested he will write the Justice League. This is a change, and suggests a change in direction from the Goyer penned MOS.

However Henry Cavill was great as Superman in Man of Steel, both as an actor, and physically he not only fills the suit, but he really looks like Curt Swan’s definitive Superman.

As fans we want the movie to be great, we want the actors to shine. 
Hence until proven otherwise we expect the best outcome, because moping and complaining helps no one.
The actors are chosen, that door is closed. So now we have our team, we’re a 100% behind them.

If the reaction from SDCC is anything to go by then the excitement of having the three DC big IP’s together on screen for the first time bodes well.

Anonymous said: Am I correct in gathering from William Moulton Marston's quote that he specifically created Wonder Woman to emulate Superman? Thank you for clarifying.

Yes, although emulate isn’t the word I’d use.

Counter point is perhaps a better expression.

Conceptually Diana was intended to be as powerful as Superman, and while she too would pursue truth and justice, she also did mercifully, and redemptively. Marston sought to create a ying to Superman’s ( and by extension the usual male hero of comics ) yang.

In this way Diana does not imitate Superman, but rather occupies a space in the mythology that a male hero cannot.

Anonymous said: In the comic con teaser, Batman is shown turning on the Bat-Signal. Do you think he is using the signal for help (cue in Wonder Woman) or to antagonize Superman?


The most popular theory it seems from reading comments, is that Batman sees Superman as a threat to be handled.

There maybe some truth in that. Some suggest Lex pits Batman against Superman by some act of deception.

or visa versa

It maybe Superman who sees Batman the mythic vigilante taking the law into his own hands, and breaking legs and arms in the process as the threat to a civil society, and it’s Superman who see Batman as a criminal.

The scene shows Batman is prepped for a fight. It suggest he’s done something - or Superman at least believes he has done something ( looking at you Lex ) that merits been slapped down.


Anonymous said: Do you think gal gadot will wear blue colored contacts for the movie(s)? Do you you think she even has too?

She might!

It would connect the character to the books, Diana has blue eyes in the comics, Brandon Routh wore coloured lenses for Superman Returns.

But no it doesn’t really matter, it’s a minor cosmetic choice, which hasn’t any real bearing on the stuff that is important which is characterisation.

 ”Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don’t want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women’s strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness.

The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman.” 

William Moulton Marston - Creator of Wonder Woman

Jul 27


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Stickers for baby JUSTICE LEAGUE.  More than 20 likes/ reposted, we’ll make it out ! (See Avengers →http://dontpanicmiu.tumblr.com/post/92978253358/stickers-for-baby-avengers-same-rule-as-before

Gosh this is so cute!


Stickers for baby JUSTICE LEAGUE.  More than 20 likes/ reposted, we’ll make it out ! (See Avengers →http://dontpanicmiu.tumblr.com/post/92978253358/stickers-for-baby-avengers-same-rule-as-before

Gosh this is so cute!


San Diego Comic-Con 2014 by uncle_shoggoth.


San Diego Comic-Con 2014 by uncle_shoggoth.

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WW by RossHughes


WW by RossHughes

Anonymous said: Is that high heels or wedges she's wearing I can't tell? And what do y'all think of the boots being either heels or wedges?

Consensus seems to favour wedge over heel, but we’re just going to have to wait for more pics.

Reason is probably just as simple as giving Gal Gadot a height boost so she stands taller.

@finchmeredith1 @dfinchartist :) We’d love to talk to you guys sometime! It’s such a great time to be a fan of Diana & Clark!
So say we all - almost 8500 Tumblr followers!

@finchmeredith1 @dfinchartist :) We’d love to talk to you guys sometime! It’s such a great time to be a fan of Diana & Clark!

So say we all - almost 8500 Tumblr followers!